Our Team

Our Team

Bill & Sheila

Owners And Founder

Bill and Sheila Blakeslee represent the heart and soul of vineyard ownership with their love of the earth, passion for good wine, and a true entrepreneurial spirit. They are a dynamic couple who insist on excellence in all of their endeavors.

Bill, a Portland native, recently retired from the corporate world where he oversaw the daily operations of the prospering business he founded over 38 years ago. Since acquiring the vineyard in 2005, it has been Bill’s passion to learn and preserve the art of winemaking, maintain a sustainable vineyard, and create a place for his community to enjoy.

Sheila, originally from Bend, also enjoyed a rewarding career in the corporate world with a strong focus on sales, startups, and her own business. The garden is her special corner of the estate, whether it’s tending the organic vegetables she cooks for friends and family or the beautiful ornamental plants that make the grounds so inviting.

The Team

Our first customers at Blakeslee Vineyard Estate were our friends and family. They in turn brought their friends and family. Our winery and tasting room staff continues to treat everyone who enters the way we did our original customers. Meet our team.


Tasting Room & General Manager

Molly grew up in a home where there was a deep appreciation for the world of wine. After studying musical theater in Los Angeles and New York, she saw a “help wanted” sign in a wine shop near her apartment in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. “I walked in, told them I was interested, didn’t know much about wine, and they hired me on the spot,” she says. After a crash course in wines of the world and managing a retail store, Molly started teaching wine classes, running the wine club, and managing the shop. When she and her fiance moved to Oregon, our wine country was the natural extension of her love of and professional interest in wine. Introduced to Bill and Sheila Blakeslee through her parents, Molly continues to learn more about the industry every day. Her future dreams involve becoming a master sommelier, learning how to make wine, “and hopefully, owning my own vineyard!”


Tasting Room Associate

Mary describes herself as “huge wine enthusiast for a long time now,” enjoying wines from all over the world. Extensive tastings in the Willamette Valley, Walla Walla, and Napa plus looking for local wines while vacationing in Europe and Australia reflect Mary’s love of wine. A mutual friend in the industry introduced Mary to the Blakeslees, and as she says, “I fell in love with the place! Bill & Sheila were pouring and telling us their story and I knew I wanted to be a part of this wonderful winery.” Though she signed up that day for their wine club, she knew she wanted to be part of the Blakeslee family. “I think my niche at Blakeslee is that I connect very quickly with our guests and make them feel welcome,” Mary says of her role in the tasting room. “From the novice to the experienced wine taster, I try to find a connection. And because I've tasted so much around the valley I can always give good recommendations based on their personal tastes. I love what I do, and I hope that comes through with every guest at Blakeslee.”